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Be diligent. Be ready. Be 420.

by Chad Wade March 28, 2019

Be diligent.  Be ready.  Be 420.

420 Sales at Up N Smoke

Get Ready at Up N Smoke!

Every April we start getting a buzzing sensation creeping.  No, it's not the blunt we just finished.  It's the excitement we feel about green Christmas!  That's right, April 20th (420) is around the corner.

Be diligent.  Be ready.  Be 420.

Need a new glass pipe or maybe you just need to get your pipe clean?  We have what you need in stock at all our Up N Smoke Louisville, KY locations!  Rolling papers, detox drinks, scales, and more.  Check out the specials we will be running!  

April 19 - April 21 come party with us!

  • 60% off: silicone and painted water pipes
  • 50% off: Ultimate Gold detox drinks, and Illuminati CBD vape tanks
  • 40% off: Dynomite glass, G13 water pipes, 420 pipe cleaner, 710 pipe cleaner
  • 30% off: grinders, Smok tanks, and all Smok products (over $50)
  • 25% off: Glass water pipes, glass hand pipes, bubblers (over $20)
  • BOGO Printed Dugouts
  • BOGO 50% off all butane

Up N Smoke in Louisville, KY is the best smoke shop in Louisville!  Stop in and chat with us in a truly judgment free zone.

Chad Wade
Chad Wade