Stok R Remix Wax Vaporizer

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When a manufacturer uses the hashtag #ThisThingRips as their slogan, you know they're serious about delivering an incredible vaping experience! SToK USA has been hard at work perfecting the designs of classic vaporizer pens for wax, improving performance, and developing innovative solutions to common problems like clogging and poor air flow. Their line of unique dab pens offers a great value for the money by providing great-tasting, potent vapor without costing a fortune. 

Say goodbye to your bulky, non-portable dab rigs and say hello to the beauty that is the SToK R Series. If you prefer your waxy concentrates over the herbs, the R Series is for you. These wax vaporizers forgo all of the bells and whistles to bring you a simple solution for all of your dabbing needs.

  • 510 Threaded
  • Calibrated Low Temp (Preserves Flavor)
  • Ceramic Thermal Cup
  • Coil-less Chamber
  • Free shipping!