14" Silicone Beaker with Glass Perc and Silicone Ashcatcher - Assorted Colors!

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Wow!  Can we say "unique AND versatile"!?  

It's an ash catcher.  It's a bubbler.  It's a silicone pipe.  It also includes a glass percolator!  What doesn't this thing do?? 

Check out the images for the different ways to use this beast!

Beaker-style water pipes are one of the most traditional styles on the market.  Part science experiment, part art.  Use the ice pinch as a way to cool your smoke for an even better smoking experience.  This water pipe includes a dry herb bowl, but if you switch it out with a banger, you'll be ready to go with any concentrates!


  • Height: 14 Inches
  • Includes: Dry herb bowl, diffused down stem, bubbler that doubles as an ash catcher
  • Beaker style pipe
  • Ice pinch
  • Free Shipping!