6" Monster Alien Rig Water Pipe

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So get this, I stormed Area 51.  No, I didn't go to the weird concert in the dessert or stand in front of the Area 51 gates with those losers who claimed they were going to "storm".  I actually stormed right in.  All black head to toe and I got in!  I think the guards were distracted by the aforementioned losers which luckily gave me an in.  When I got there this is what I saw.  The colors are even pretty accurate.  I knew that the world may or may not believe me, but I had to make a glass heady pipe so that I would always remember that night.  Now you can own a piece of Area 51.  Tell no one.

  • Height:  6in
  • Heady Style Hand Pipe
  • Qualifies for free shipping
  • Break free guarantee!  Don't worry about ordering glass from us!  We guarantee it will be break free or we will replace or refund your purchase.