6" Octopus w/ Slime Color Rig

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No need for ten tickles to make him laugh, just Kraken a joke or two and you'll both be swimming in laughter!

A few fun facts about these amazing creatures: there are about three hundred species of octopus, and they all have three hearts and blue blood! Most of them live on the seafloor and are solitary creatures, but they occasionally live in a group (or in an octo-posse, if you will). They are insanely clever! They can open clamshells and move rocks around, even without hands and bones! They're also masters of camouflage and can fit into tiny spaces. They also make REALLY awesome toke buddies! No need to explore the dark depths of the unknown to get one of your own- this little guy will octo-pi your heart!

  • Height:  6in
  • Heady Style Hand Pipe
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