Dab Magic 15ml Bottle - Assorted Flavors!

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Dab Magic liquidizer quickly transforms your favorite concentrates into a versatile liquid that is perfect for vaping, cooking, and as a tincture.  It’s simple to use and ready to go in under a minute.  

Save money by filling your own cartridges and pods at home. Easily micro-brew liquids with your favorite concentrate, controlling strength, flavor, and effect. Since Dab Magic increases the volume of your material, watch 1g of solid become 3 to 15 grams of oil. Get more out of your concentrates, it’s really magic!

Create oral drops that may be used sublingually or a tincture that can be added directly to most food and drink. Dab Magic is an ideal replacement for oil in the kitchen. Take your cuisine to new heights. Start with a dropper full of mixture and adjust for effect and preference.

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