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Illadelph Rasta Signature Triple Coil

Illadelph Glass

This Signature Illadelph water pipe features the rasta and gold label down the front of all three green detachable glycerin coil top. It has a rasta and gold Illadelph crest on the back of the pyramid perc base. At the bottom of the base, there is a gold Illadelph logo. It has the oversized Heavy Hit Series mouth piece. To set this signature coil piece off, it features a green top section above the coil, the top and bottom quarters of the bottom beaker base are also black glass. There is a rasta and gold signature band around the top of the coil and also around the top of the signature beaker bottom. This coil has the new large red magnetic Illadelph clip that connects the detachable coil and the base. It has a red Illadelph clip, a rasta and gold labeled black down stem, and a clear and green signature bowl. This water pipe comes in two padded Illadelph boxes along with a Santa Cruz grinder. This water pipe stands right under 19 inches tall. The item contained on this page is being sold as collectible glass art, and should be considered for tobacco use only. No other use for this item in any way is either intended or condoned. You must be at least 18 years of age (21 in some areas) to purchase any items on this website, and it is your responsibility to know your local as well as state and federal regulations regarding this item. Furthermore, you release and discharge all involved in the production and maintenance of this website from any and all liabilities.

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Type: Water Pipes

Vendor: Illadelph Glass

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