Puff Co. Pro 2 Vaporizer - Wax

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Stylish design and reliable quality: The Puffco Pro 2 is a vaporizer with a high price-performance ratio. Measuring at only 4.72 inches, the compact and straightforward pen vaporizer vaporizes concentrates and waxy oils. The Pro 2 comes with plastics, fibers, and glues mouthpiece. Besides, you will find plenty of features that will make your vaporizing sessions hassle-free.

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The brand Puffco has shown the world that they know how to make vaporizers, not just pen vaporizers.Take a look at their first “portable/desktop” vaporizer, the Puffco Peak. The Puffco Pro 2 is no exception to great quality Puffco is known for, and the stylish and durable vape pen comes in a stainless steel finish.

Sleek new design
The (discontinued) predecessor of the Puffco Pro 2 sets a high standard for this second version to produce better vapor. This pocket-friendly vaporizer includes a thread-free mouthpiece, shock-absorbent silicone bottom, and a removable splash guard. Other than that, the vaporizer comes with a tapered bowl design for efficient vaporizing.

Superb battery life
The Puffco Pro 2 starts heating up as soon as you hit the power button, it has a single-coil ceramic chamber. You can use the Puffco Pro 2 up to 100 times when fully charged. Meanwhile, you can charge the battery using its USB adaptor that fits into any USB port, even on your laptop.

Temperature related
The Puffco Pro 2 comes with a sesh mode, which will produce 12 seconds of continuous vapor. Otherwise, it will maintain the temperature setting as you press the button. The Puffco Pro 2 comes with three temperature settings as follows:

  • Green: Low
  • Blue: Medium
  • White: High