Vertex 350mah VV Battery

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The Vertex Slim 510 battery is a great product for oil as well as e-liquid atomizers and cartridges. The Vertex Pen Vape features a 350 mah capacity, and an automatic draw. The vertex vape pen features vacuum activated, auto-draw technology. When you are ready to vape, simply screw on your favorite atomizer or pre-filled cartridge and you’re good to go. No fuss, no settings, just vaping. Begin pulling on your cartridge and the auto-draw technology will sense the vacuum created by your inhale and begin firing the vape. The Vertex Vape Pen is reliable, discreet and portable. It also comes with a handy usb charger. When your Vertex Vape is running low on battery, simply screw on the charger and plug it into any usb slot at your home, office, or car. The Vertex 510 battery Kit is truly the perfect combination for all your cartridge vaping needs.