Ultimate Gold Detox (16oz, 20oz) - Original Flavor

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Ultimate Gold Cleanse was made to cater to the need for a stronger and more effective detox. To find out what was lacking in their detox, nationwide buyers were approached for answers. After extensive research on how detox works in our bodies, we created Ultimate Gold. This prompted us to strengthen the detox ingredients with important minerals and vitamins to enable the human body to purify itself. Ultimate Gold activates our bodiesʼ self-cleansing mechanism. This activation speeds up the detox process to less than an hour, allowing Ultimate Gold to take effect! Ultimate Gold Cleanse comes in two sizes: 20 oz and 16 oz. The 16 oz. fortifies strength for most human bodies. TAKES EFFECT IN LESS THAN AN HOUR! OUR VITAMIN B-50 COMPLEX (B2 - B6 - B12) CREATINE HAS A STRONGER EFFECT THAN SIMILAR PRODUCTS! Most detox products would require 3 full days to cleanse your whole body.

Drinking Instructions: Do not ingest any toxic chemicals 24-36 hr prior to the time you plan to detox. 1. Adhere to these instructions. 2. Limit yourself to just 16oz of water an hour before ingesting our product. 3. Stir before drinking. 4. Finish the whole bottle fast. 5. Exactly fifteen minutes after drinking Ultimate Gold, replenish your bottle and drink again. 6. In the first hour, urinate 2-3 times. 7. You will have detoxed for 4-5 hours after merely 45 minutes!

Enhancing Ultimate Gold Effectiveness

Follow the instructions below to maximize Ultimate Gold’s effectiveness and invigorate the cleansing procedure.

1. Consume a minimum of eight 8 ounce glasses of water daily.

2. Stick to a healthy dietary plan.

3. Rest more and exercise regularly.

4. Avoid consuming a large portion three hours before Ultimate Gold!

  • Works in 60 min
  • Strong total body detox
  • Available in 16oz or 20oz
  • 20oz size recommended for people over 200lbs