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We started distributing as C&J Cigars to brick and mortar stores all over Louisville, KY back in 2002. With our customer-oriented service, our business expanded rapidly and we have since risen to become one of the biggest wholesale distributors in the United States.

We had our humble beginnings as a small vendor at the flea market. Sales soared from there. Then, in late 2008, we set up our current website up-n-smoke.net and confirmed a physical location to centralize our warehouse, shipping equipment, and office.

Then, in 2010, we set up our first physical store in Shepherdsville, KY. This enabled us to display many excellent products in a spacious environment: storage containers, vaporizers, glass hand pipes, glass water pipes, and numerous others.

Our experienced and open-minded team has been instrumental in growing and maintaining our client base. In a span of 8 years from 2010 to 2018, we set up four more physical stores, expanding our business to three offline stores over Louisville, KY, and Shepherdsville, KY. From 2018 onwards, our wholesale business continued to flourish.

We look forward to continuing the spread of Up N Smoke to a neighborhood near you.  Take a look at our origin story here:




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