One Eeze

There are different products that every smoker considers to be a worthy addition to his or her collection. There are also brands that these people trust when it comes to their "hobby" of choice. At Up-N-Smoke, we believe that giving our customers a variety of options will provide them the liberty to address their wants and needs. We also make it a point that we only offer a trusted brand to go with everyone's collection. That is why we have added One Eeze to our list of brands.

About One Eeze

There are plenty of smoking accessories that you will surely find out there. You have herb grinders, cones, rolling papers, dugouts, vaporizers, glass water pipes, and more. Of course, a smoking bat is another essential for your smoker's kit collection.

One Eeze is definitely that brand you are looking for when you want a reliable smoking bat for your smoking spree. The good thing about products from the brand is they are durable and long-lasting. They are constructed from real brass, locally made here in America. What's more is that these products are easy to clean, and some even keep your smoking paraphernalia from collecting ash.

Popular One Eeze Products To Choose from

There are plenty of products carrying the One Eeze tag on them. At Up-N-Smoke, our most popular products from the brand include the following:

  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat - Brass
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat - Gold
  • One Eeze Bat - Silver
  • One Eeze Bat - Red
  • One Eeze Bat - Purple
  • One Eeze Bat - Green
  • One Eeze Bat - Black
  • One Eeze Bat - Blue
  • 3in Small One Hitter Bat
  • 4in Large One Eeze One Hitter Bat
  • One Eeze Self Cleaning Cigarette Bat
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat - Red
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat - Purple
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat - Green
  • One Eeze Multi Color Ejector Bat – Blue

As you can see, the ejector bats from One Eeze are all fascinating finds. They come in an assortment of colors that are sure to suit your lifestyle. You even have the choice to go for one-hitter and self-cleaning bats. When you buy from us at Up-N-Smoke, you are guaranteed to get high-quality products from One Eeze, with prices ranging from $5.99 to $10.99.

Why Choose Up-N-Smoke?

We can list plenty of reasons for you to choose Up-N-Smoke. We'd rather start by sharing with you our humble beginnings, back then when we started distributing C&J Cigars in physical stores across Louisville, KY. That started in 2002. It was only in 2010 when we have the opportunity to put up our own physical store, where customers can visit and buy herb grinders, water pipes, dugouts, rolling papers, cones, and more.

Due to our hard work, patience, and perseverance, our headquarter has begun flourishing, and now, we were able to add more retail locations for our items. Now, we carry products from trusted brands, including One Eeze in our list.

For more information about One Eeze products that we carry, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.

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