Gifts Under $100

Smoking is a great way to release stress and worries for the day. It can be a good way to calm the mind and senses. If you or a loved one invests in smoking accessories, you will certainly be thrilled when shopping with us at Up-N-Smoke. Throughout our years of existence, we have the best accessories in store for our clients, with gifts under $100 ready to fill up any occasion.

About Our Smoking Accessories

Up-N-Smoke is certainly one of those shops for people like you who are looking for smoking accessories to gift to a person close to you. Our list includes everything from water pipes, glass pipes, and smoking pipes, to concentrate accessories, dugouts, and herb grinders. We also have smoker's kits that have the complete accessories that you need for your smoking needs. On top of all these, you save when buying with us by availing of our flash specials.

Why Our Smoking Products Make Great Gifts

When you are looking for smoking products that cost as high as $100, the sky is the limit with us here at Up-N-Smoke. With that budget, you already have the choice to invest in smoking machines, smoker's premium kits, and a whole lot more. You will no longer be hard up thinking of a gift idea for your smoking buddy.

Buying with us will make you feel special as well. Our online store is filled with an assortment of items that is sure to fit your budget and meet the expectations of your recipients. We make shopping easy with just a click of a few buttons. We have brands like Ooze, Randy's, TOP, and a whole lot more. We offer them at special deals and the gift variants you will love.

Popular Gifts Under $100 to Choose from

There are plenty of well-known smoking accessory brands which are sure to fall under our "Gifts Under $100" category. To give you an idea of what are some of these items that we carry, here are some examples:

  • Randy's Path Plus+ Nectar Collector - $59.99
  • Premium Smoker's Kit - $69.99
  • TOP-O-MATIC T2 Cigarette Machine - $69.99
  • Ooze Mojo Silicone Water Pipe and Nectar Collector - $79.99
  • Ooze UFO Silicone Water Pipe and Nectar Collector - $79.99
  • TOP PoweRoll 2 King Size Cigarette Machine - $97.99

Why Choose Up-N-Smoke?

It was in 2010 when Up-N-Smoke started its smoker's haven at Louisville, KY. From then on, we have already attracted buyers to come and shop with us. With the intent to expand our business, we now have a total of three retail stores to accommodate the needs of our customers in various areas. That purpose alone makes us one of the best stores for your smoking accessories.

When you buy with us, your options are limitless. We also make it a point that our team will assist you with your needs. With us, you do not just buy smoking accessories. You also get the chance to appreciate what this business is all about.

For more information about our gifts under $100, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.