Dugouts - One Hitter Smoking Pipes

Looking for a tough dugout to contain your one hitter? They are known for their dependability. Rest assured, your one hitter and tobacco are safe within the durable wooden boxes. Traditionally, a one hitter dugout is a tiny wooden box measuring 3 to 4 inches. The top can be unscrewed or slipped off. Inside the box, there are two compartments. The side with the tiny hole and the spring at its base is where your one hitter sits. The dugout typically includes a cigarette one hitter, but you can feel free to select another type. Usually, a smaller glass one hitter can also be contained within a dugout. You would find an egg-shaped section on the other side. This is where your tobacco neatly sits. Take your pick among the different woods for your dugout, or choose among metal, stone, resin, and acrylic materials. Which one is right for you?