Gifts Under $50

Do you have a close friend or a loved one who loves smoking? Do they become fascinated just by looking for a smoking accessory in a local store or even when shopping online? Do not look any further than Up-N-Smoke when you want to gift them something during special occasions. At Up-N-Smoke, we assure you that you have all the gifts under $50 that your loved ones will truly appreciate.

About Our Smoking Accessories

Up-N-Smoke is a smoker's haven. This is because we have all the accessories that you need in one store. We have one-hitter smoking pipes (dugouts), herb grinders, water pipes, glass pipes, smoking pipes, and concentrate accessories. These are high-quality items coming from different brands which we offer at affordable prices. Adding to the thrill of buying with us are our flash specials as well as our mystery boxes. We assure our buyers that they will save more from these deals.

Why Our Smoking Products Make Great Gifts

Whether you are pressed for a certain budget or you can go as high as $100 to spend for a celebration gift, our smoking products will definitely be among the best gift ideas that you can think of. When you include us in your list of options, you will surely be able to have a fun time while shopping with us too. In fact, you can also choose from our "Gifts Under $50" if you want one for yourself.

When you buy with us, we highlight the experience that you will have in our online store. We make shopping easy by filtering your choices accordingly. In case you have a particular brand in mind, you can just use our search button, and you will be able to choose from a full range of products from that brand. We have a variety of colors, sizes, and gift ideas to satisfy our online shoppers.

Popular Gifts Under $50 to Choose from

Our Gifts under $50 will surely fit your budget, without making your recipient feel less special because of the price. We assure you that with the following gift ideas, your recipient will feel extraordinary, regardless of the occasion.

  • Mystery Grab Box - $24.99
  • DabMagic 15ml Bottle (available in different flavors) - $9.99
  • Pulsar Herbal Chef Stove Top Butter Maker - $29.99
  • Ooze Bangarang Silicone Storage and Ash Tray - $24.99
  • Truweigh 710 Pro Concentrate Kit - $49.99
  • Smell Proof Bag Set - $49.99
  • Deluxe Smoker's Kit - $44.99

Why Choose Up-N-Smoke?

Up-N-Smoke is headquartered in Louisville, KY, and started its operations way back in 2010. Since then, we have been the favorite go-to shop for smokers in the area. We strive hard to develop our business by offering a wide range of products that fit our customer's needs, and we make it a point to offer something new every now and then. A lot of our clients have been returning to shop with us ever since, and our expert assistants are always here to assist you with your needs.

For more information about our gifts under $50, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.