Flavored Rolling Papers

Are you looking for flavored rolling papers to make your smoking experience even better? At Up-N-Smoke, we make sure that you are filled with choices that will truly delight you as you enjoy every single puff. We also have everything from cones, and water pipes to dugouts, detox drinks, and herb grinders. All these are sure to complete your smoker's kit.

About Our Flavored Rolling Papers

When thinking about rolling papers, there are millions of them to choose from. Come to think of it, there are many brands out there. If you are no longer new to this business, though, you will know that only high-quality flavored rolling papers are the ones you should choose from. We have those here at Up-N-Smoke.

When you shop flavored rolling papers with us, you will be able to distinguish rolling paper sizes that range from single to double to king sizes. We also have items sold according to the rolling paper types, which means you can choose the material used to make the paper. That way, you will be able to distinguish one type from the other, depending on your taste.

One of the most popular brand in the market, Juicy Jay definitely knows how to capture hearts with their creative flavored rolling papers. The distinctive artworks and criss-cross watermark on each rolling paper is not only a visual-pleaser, but it also delivers a smooth, slow and even burn. Fabricated with pure rice paper and a soy-based ink, every sheet of Juicy Jay's rolling paper is sedulously flavored using their exclusive Triple-Dip System which offers users a threefold taste superior to other rolling paper on the market.Our Range of Juicy Jay Flavored Rolling Papers

At Up-N-Smoke, we believe in bringing you the best in the market. We carry a wide range of Juicy Jay’s most well-loved flavored rolling papers. At an affordable price range of $1.99 to $2.79, these trendy rolling papers come in a generous 32 papers booklet, with a choice of traditional size 1.25 or king size for your ultimate enjoyment. From fruity to exotic, here is a list of our favorites :

  • Juicy Jay’s Pineapple
  • Juicy Jay’s Banana
  • Juicy Jay’s Mellow Mango
  • Juicy Jay’s Strawberry Kiwi
  • Juicy Jay’s Coconut
  • Juicy Jay’s Blueberry
  • Juicy Jay’s Bubblegum
  • Juicy Jay’s Blackberry Brandy
  • Juicy Jay’s Root Beer
  • Juicy Jay’s Blueberry Hill

Why Buy Flavored Rolling Papers from Up-N-Smoke?

Up-N-Smoke has always endeavored to provide consumers with the right choices when it comes to their smoking needs. We have been a go-to smoke shop among cigar and vape users since 2010. With our humble beginnings, we have managed to be one of the most recognized wholesale distributors of smoking accessories throughout the country.

As you can see in our list of popular products, we have flavored rolling papers coming from different brands. We only partner with brands that are the best in this industry in order to give our clients the option to choose their products to their liking. We don't limit your options. In fact, we expand them once we see more reliable brands in the market.

For more information about our flavored rolling papers, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.

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