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Looking for a one-stop shop where all your favorite brands for smoking and smoking accessories are sold at very affordable prices? You will never go wrong choosing Up-N-Smoke as your haven for everything smoking-related. What makes shopping with us even better is you can choose the brand that you want the most. Shopping by brands is easy via our pages and we are listing some of the favorite vaping names that we offer.

Ultimate Gold Detox

When Ultimate Gold Detox was created by its founders, the ultimate goal was to provide more powerful doses yet more fortified detox options for consumers out there. Since the main goal of the brand was the detoxification process, it focused on fortifying the detox recipe, fusing in some vitamins and minerals into its products. This helps in the body's natural cleansing process.

Dug Eeze

Carrying your favorite smoke around is made easy by Dug Eeze. One of its top products along this line is the Premium Rasta Twist Top Dugout, featuring a high-quality design that has been equipped with a one-hitter bat. Having any of the products from the brand will help you enjoy your smoke right in your pocket. All products under the Dug Eeze collection are made in America.

One Eeze

The One Eeze bat is popular for being one of the most durable long-lasting bats in the market. It has been constructed in America using only the highest-quality real brass. Now, you can carry your smoke discreetly in your pocket with this easy-to-clean accessory.

Grind Eeze

Perfect for pulverizing herbs to perfection, Grind Eeze produces high-quality herb grinders. This one has been made from top-quality materials, thus assuring you will enjoy your smoke without worrying much about your safety when using one.

Mister Eeze

If you are looking for cleaning accessories for your vaping equipment, Mister Eeze has the right products for you. Its offerings include premium-grade bristle brush cleaners as well as sediment-free glass cleaners, perfect for use for your most favorite pipes.

Hand Eeze

Hand pipes are among the most-needed accessories for smokers. Hand Eeze was created to bring ease to those who want to use one. This is the most trusted brand when it comes to glass hand pipes. Each piece has been crafted and handmade using high-quality glass that is sure to withstand the test of time.


Popular among those who want to smoke the tempting flavor of wild berry, Wildberry is a popular brand that carries everything from e-juice to vape pens. There are also wild flavors in its list of offerings for every smoker to enjoy.

King Palm

With natural leaf rolls in its list, King Palm dominates the world of handmade rolling papers. Its leaf rolls are slow-burning, thus giving smokers a lot of time to enjoy their smoking spree. Flavored rolling papers are also available.


Ooze is perhaps one of the most versatile brands when it comes to smoking accessories. It has everything from batteries, vaporizers, and rolling trays, to grinders, bangers, and smell-proof bags. It also sells biodegradable rolling trays.


A brand that has been in the business for 100 years now, OCB is known for producing the best quality cigarette papers. It is esteemed for having a unique and excellent fusion in all its products.


Tightvac is known for offering vacuum storage boxes and glass containers. These products are made to make smoking more pleasant and organized for smokers. Odorless containers or lockers from the brand are perfect for keeping your cigarettes fresh at all times.

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Up-N-Smoke is a popular choice among smokers in Kentucky. Since its inception in 2002, our main focus are our customers, and to this day when we are already recognized as one of the biggest wholesale distributors in the country, we remain to be true to our promise of customer satisfaction.

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