Dugouts - One Hitter Smoking Pipes

Who doesn't like a nice wooden dugout for their one hitter? They are the most reliable solider in your smoking arsenal. These tough boxes keep your one hitter and tobacco secure at all times. A one hitter dugout is typically a small wooden box. They are usually 3 to 4 inches in size. The top traditionally either twists or slides off. Once the top is opened, inside there are two compartments. One side has a small circular hole with a spring in the bottom. This is where your one hitter fits. The traditional dugout comes with a cigarette one hitter. But you can always change it for a different type. A smaller glass one hitter would easily fit inside a traditional dugout. The other side has an oval shaped compartment. This nice sized chamber is the perfect store for your tobacco. A traditional wooden dugout is available in several different woods. They can also be found made out of metal, stone, resin, and even acrylic. The choice is yours. Which dugout will you pick?