Herb Grinders

We have a great selection of herb grinders that come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and materials. Shop with us and get free shipping anywhere in the US on orders over $20. Grinders are an important asset to your smoking game. Without one, it would be harder to prepare your herbs or tobacco. Grinders can also be used in the kitchen to prepare your favorite dish. Just simply put your herbs inside and grind away. Sprinkle on your dish and enjoy. Herb grinders can be found in several different styles. They can be made from different types of metals, woods, and acrylics. They can range in size as well. An herb grinder can have many pieces. From a simple two piece all the way to a 4 piece. Some styles of grinders are even available in more pieces. Inside of the grinder, there can be many different styles of teeth to grind your herbs and tobacco. Inside you may also find screens to separate the ground up material. Pick up a new herb grinder today!