If you are looking for a great way to store your smokables, then the Tightvac products are exactly what you need. Their products are vacuum sealed, which guarantees that your tobacco or herbs will stay fresh and retain all their flavor. You can get the Tightvac range of products from Up-N-Smoke at very competitive prices. Our well-designed online shop makes it easy for you to get any product that you need. We also ship to all parts of the United States, allowing you to get your smoking accessories safely and conveniently.

About Tightvac

One of the problems that people who smoke struggle with is how to store their herbs or tobacco. If you like to roll your own smokables, then you are probably going to buy them in bulk. But keeping them fresh poses a problem, especially because they dry out or change flavor when kept in the open. Tightvac products are designed to take care of that problem. These vacuum-sealed storage containers come in different sizes allowing you to even be able to keep your tobacco fresh when you are on the move. You can also use these products to store other items such as food and much more.

Popular Tightvac Products to Choose from

Here are some great selections from our brand of Tightvac products.

  • TV2 Tightvac Vacuum Sealed - 0.5oz-3oz Storage - Assorted Colors!
  • TV6 Kilovac Vacuum Sealed - 8oz-2.5lb Storage - Assorted Colors!
  • TV3 Tightvac Vacuum Sealed - 1oz-6oz Storage - Assorted Colors!
  • TV1 Minivac Vacuum Sealed - 10-30 Gram Storage - Assorted Colors!
  • TV5 Tightvac Vacuum Sealed - 5oz-24oz Storage - Assorted Colors!
  • TV4 Tightvac Vacuum Sealed - 3oz-12oz Storage - Assorted Colors!

Why Choose Up-N-Smoke?

When you choose to buy your smoking accessories at Up-N-Smoke, you are making a choice to buy the best possible products. We only stock products from the best brands which mean top quality. Shopping at our online shop also means that you get the opportunity to compare prices and specs across different brands conveniently. This in turn ensures that you make the best decision possible. When it comes to the ease of ordering products, we got you covered as well. You can pay for your order in a variety of ways and we accept most of the major credit cards. If you are looking for information about our products, you will find that our website is full of educational material that you can access at no cost. We also have a team of professionals who are always available to answer any questions that you may have.

If you purchase products that cost over $20, you will get free shipping through our standard shipping option. We also guarantee the safety of our products as they are shipped to you. This means that if a glass product breaks en route, we shall replace that product for you at no cost. We also promise to get your order to you right on time so you can easily prepare a schedule in case you are planning to take your accessories with you on a trip.

For more information about Tightvac products that we carry, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.

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