If you love smoking but are not sure how to keep your house smelling fresh, Wildberry products are exactly what you need. Featuring a variety of scents, you can select the scents that match your mood. Even better, this range of products features packaged sticks as well for those looking for a different experience from wax melts. You can be certain that each of the products in our Wildberry collection is of top quality and delivers great value for your money. One of the things that you will love about our products is how well they are priced. You are certain to get excellent value for your money.

About Wildberry

When it comes to the Wildberry range of products, we give a wide variety of scents for you to choose from. You can enjoy the refreshing scent of pumpkin spice or even a fantastic ocean scent. The great thing about wax melts is that they do not pose any fire hazard at all. This is because they rely on electric current to warm up the wax and thus release the scent. This also means that they are much more convenient to use in a variety of settings. For example, you can use wax melts in the office or other places where scented candles would not be allowed. The fact that wax melts are electrically operated also gives you control over the amount of scent that you want to release, unlike scented candles which do not give you such flexibility.

Popular Wildberry Products to Choose from

Here are some great selections from our brand of Wildberry products.

  • Wildberry Packaged Sticks -Tranquility
  • Wildberry Packaged Sticks -Sandalwood
  • Wildberry Packaged Sticks -Opium
  • Wildberry Packaged Sticks -Patchouli
  • Wildberry Wax Melts – Vanilla
  • Wildberry Wax Melts – Shooting Star
  • Wildberry Wax Melts – Dragon’s Blood
  • Wildberry Wax Melts – Fizzy Pops
  • Wildberry Packaged Sticks – Ocean Wind
  • Wildberry packaged Sticks – Champa Flower
  • Wildberry packaged Sticks – Egyptian Cotton
  • Wildberry Packaged Cones – Cherry Vanilla
  • Wildberry Packaged Cones – Raspberry Rose
  • 6CT or 25CT Wildberry Incense Backflow Cones – Dragon’s Blood

Why Choose Up-N-Smoke?

At Up-N-Smoke, we work hard to ensure that you get the right product at the right price. If you are just starting on your smoking experience and are not sure of the right products, you can count on us for any information that you need. Not only does our website have numerous resources on this topic but our staff is always at hand to answer any of your questions. You can also shop at our online store with complete confidence that your financial data is safe. We use the latest security software to protect your data. We also commit to never share your data with any other third party. When we ship any product to you, it is packaged in a plain package for your complete privacy. We also ship to any location in the United States assuring you that your product will get there on time. You are also going to love shopping in our easy-to-use online store.

For more information about Wildberry products that we carry, feel free to call us at (877) 223-6570 today.

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