Classic Cocobolo Diamond Wood Snap Lock Top Dugout

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Our "Made in America" Classic Cocobolo Diamond Wood Snap Lock-Top Dugout with a one-hitter pipe, or bat, is easy to open and close with a simple snap of the top. Once opened it's easy to see the two simple compartments hidden inside. One is for your smoking product for storage and the other one is made to carry your one-hitter pipe. For convenience, our snap-lock top Cocobolo Diamond Wood dugouts come in two sizes. We have a four-inch standard and a smaller more discreet three-inch model. Either fit easily into a pocket, purse, or where ever you wish to carry them. Order one for your collection today.

  • Includes ceramic bat
  • Available in 3in or 4in
  • Cocobolo Diamond Wood
  • Snap Lock Top