Genius Pipe Color Collection

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Light, compact, slick, and trendy – all in one pretty package!

With its stylish design and convenient portability, of course you'll want to carry it with you and show off as often as you can and who could blame you? We certainly would not!

The Genius Pipe is made up of two magnetically attached plates with thousands of vortices on the interior of each plate. When connected, the vortices combine to create an extended vapor path through which smoke is purified and cooled off. The simple two-plate, magnetic design of the Genius Pipe also enables quick and easy cleaning.

Because Genius Pipe filters smoke without water, the essential aromas and flavors of your favorite dry herb strains and waxy oils are preserved in each draw. Expect delicious hits, easy maintenance, and usability that’s downright genius.

Specs: Length: 6" / Weight: 180 grams


  • Easy to Clean Magnetic Design
  • Pocket-Sized and Portable
  • Filters out 95% of All Tar and Resin
  • Comes with a Genius sliding cover and TruTaste Screen- Ready to use. 
  • Various Colors Available
  • Made in the USA