King Palm 25 Mini Rolls Pouch

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The 25 pack of mini King Palm pre-roll cones is our best seller. We came up with a better idea for the cone joint and elevated it with Cordia leaves. Every King Palm pre-roll cone is hand made with utmost attention and care.  Each mini King Palm smoking cone holds up to one gram of herbs! These are the perfect solution if you’re an inexperienced joint roller. 

King Palm wraps are becoming more popular today because of their many benefits. Let’s talk about these mini King Palm pre-roll cones and their many benefits to flower smokers. 

It’s easier to put herbs inside a King Palm pre-roll cone than rolling the perfect blunt. We include a bamboo stick to help pack your flowers into the mini King Palm 1 gram cones too. 

King Palm rolls provide a slower burn compared to many other alternative Tobacco wraps and pre-roll cones, this is because of the leafs unique ingredients.  Enjoy your flower with an extended session by using King Palm smoking cones. 

King Palm wraps provide a super smooth smoking experience with your herbs because of the corn husk filter. Another great benefit is the corn husk filter will absorb any of the herb’s resin and prevent it from staining your teeth!