King Palm Rollies 5pk w/ Boveda

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King Palm 5 Rollie Pack still gives you the quality that you come to expect from all our products. We also ensure only a range of natural materials is utilized in the process. We also use a special technique to roll these products. This helps to provide a less messy environment when you create your blunts.

Some benefits that we offer with King Palm 5 Rollie Pack:

  • Each product is hand-rolled to ensure you get the quality that you need to create a perfect experience, every time.
  • KP uses only natural materials when they produce these rollies, which means you do not have to worry about chemicals or any other toxic ingredients when using our rollies.
  • Each rollie can hold up to 0.5 grams of herbs, providing a perfect way of enjoying a blunt on the go.

Each pack comes with a total of five rollies. Each rollie contains a filter that is made from natural corn husk. These filters are highly effective and will not have a negative effect on the general flavor of your blunt.