Mister Eeze 8mm Pipe Cleaning Brush

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Mister Eeze helps you get your glass pipes clean!  Like really clean.  You've already tried the glass cleaner that's free of solids and you love the high quality and easy-to-use product.  Now it's time to try out the Mister Eeze branded pipe cleaners!  Looking to clean small spaces?  Mister Eeze brushes will get the job done and are of high quality that can be reused over and over.


  • Protective tip on the head of the brush
  • Spiral stainless steel wires keep nylon bristles securely in place
  • Stiff, but not damaging bristles are expertly designed to keep your glass products from scratching
  • Can be used for water and hand pipes (glass, silicone, acrylic, etc), bottles, tubes, or even straws
  • The loop at the bottom makes it easy to hold this cleaning brush