Ooze Tanker Extract Battery - Black

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The Ooze Tanker Battery is a heavy-duty 510 thread vaporizer that will protect your sensitive oil cartridges. The Tanker is prepared with a thermal chamber that gives a barrier around the cartridge and insulates the oil to enhance the airflow. The tanker’s thermal chamber creates a forcefield across the glass or ceramic cartridge. Saving it from the occasional drop or fall and guarantees its safety while placed away in a handbag, pocket, or bag.

The Tanker feels strong and sturdy in hand and has top-notch battery life. This thick device hides the cartridge, so it looks more like a nicotine vape mod than your well-known oil cartridge pen. The Tanker can also be used without the thermal chamber connected; some 510 thread cartridges may be too wide for the chamber but are nevertheless compatible with the base.


  • 510 thread connection 
  • 650 mAh 
  • Thermal chamber 
    -Protects cartridges 
    -Improves airflow 
  • Adjustable temperature 
  • 15-second Preheat Mode 
  • Micro USB charger included