4 Ways to Celebrate Fall as a Stoner

4 Ways to Celebrate Fall as a Stoner

Fall is upon us.  Let’s not get crazy, you pumpkin spice freaks.  I’m not just talking about bonfires, hot coffee, and sweaters.  I’m talking about being a stoner in the middle of fall.  Fall starts September 22, 2020.  Here’s 4 ways the fall is the best time of year for all smokers.

1.  The Great Outdoors

Fall is the perfect time to go hiking and visit all the remote locations that were just too far in the heat of the summer.  The foliage has died down a bit, the weather is cooler, and the conditions are perfect for an afternoon in the woods.  Dugouts, or taster boxes, were made for hiking.  These wooden boxes fit in your pocket and hold in place a one hitter pipe along with your tobacco on the other side.  The lightweight and compact design means it won’t weigh you down as your plan for your long trek around smoke breaks.

2.  Halloween

This is a given for all stoners everywhere.  Our love for Halloween is unmatched by any other holiday.  We dress up, go to parties (COVID be damned), and eat more candy than our dentists would approve of.  We can all get silly and it’s perfectly acceptable during this time of year.  Going as Jack Skellington this year?  We have the perfect Nightmare Before Christmas themed hand pipe for the occasion.

3.  Sunsets

There’s just something about the sunsets in the fall.  The colors are more vivid, they happen a little earlier in the evening (leaving plenty of time for other fun!), and the weather is nice enough you can chill on your back porch.  Light one up and just chill as the sun goes down.  It’s important to take in moments like that to slow things down and feel more grounded.

4.  Friends

The summer can be hectic.  There are so many activities that it can be hard to get together with friends you haven’t seen in a while.  Once the weather snaps a little colder suddenly everyone has a little more time.  Invite a friend over that you haven’t seen in a while, grab your favorite rolling tray, and sit down for a smoke session while you reconnect.

Like the boy scout motto says, “Be prepared.”  Visit your local Up-N-Smoke in Louisville, KY or check out our online smoke shop for supplies.  If you need it, we probably have it.