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How to Clean an Herb Grinder Remember when you were a kid?  Seems like in every other show, the hero was getting caught in quicksand.  It was a recurring conundrum, seemed like. Turns out quicksand isn’t that big of an obstacle in adult life. Unless you’re an herbal enthusiast; then it’s an ongoing reality.  Grinders gumming up is the nemesis of superheroes who smoke. So what’s a proactive protagonist to do? The Proper Way to Clean an Herb Grinder To start with a clean slate, we have to assume that you have a grinder that currently stuck in the quicksand,...

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Herb Grinder, What is? -

Since 1905, herb grinders have remained largely unchanged.  The patent, filed by William Henry Wingfield and John Balding, features the iconic design that comes to mind when you visualize a prototypical grinder. Although fundamentally the same on many levels, we’ll cover some of the variables that do change from one grinder to another in this article. Metal Grinders The vast majority of modern herb grinders are made of either zinc alloy or aluminum.  Alloys are a mixture of metals, which in the case of zinc alloy grinders helps keep the cost down.  Aluminum grinders, and especially aircraft grade aluminum grinders,...

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Herb Grinder, How to?, What is? -

I’m sure you’ve come into contact with the wide variety of her grinders out there in the world. Have you ever wondered which type you should invest in? Let's go over the different kinds, materials, and designs of herb grinders so that when it’s time for you to shop for a new one, you know exactly what you want. Metal Herb Grinder vs. Plastic Herb Grinder It shouldn’t be any surprise that metal herb grinders are more powerful than those made of plastic. Here's the pros/cons of both.   Plastic grinders are typically made of acrylic. These grinders are best for being on...

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