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One of the most talked-about new products in the realm of rolling papers and wraps are the pre-rolled palm leaf wraps from King Palm.  The combination of slow-burning, great taste, and simplicity have led many longtime smokers to make the switch. With six size options from their ½ gram Rollies up to the behemoth 5-gram XXL, there is a King Palm for every smoker and situation.  Capped with their hand-rolled corn husk filters, the resulting draw is smoother and cleaner than unfiltered alternatives. What are King Palms made from? Hand picked from the rainforests near Singapore, King Palm wraps are...

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So as you may know already, there are precisely 1,934,662 different types of rolling papers.  Okay, I just made that number up, but that’s what it feels like. With all those options and such subtle differences, how in the hell is the average citizen supposed to make an educated decision? Welcome to Rolling Paper 101, let’s split some hairs. Rolling Paper SizesStandard sizes for rolling papers are Single, 1 ¼ , 1 ½, Double and King Size.  These labels refer to the approximate amount of material that fits inside the rolled paper, relative to a Single.  So a 1 ¼...

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Glass Pipes, Rolling Papers -

How many times have you gathered with friends over some green only to start debating everything in life?  Boxers vs. briefs? Yankees vs. Red Soxs? Batman vs. Superman? The debates are endless. Let’s settle the argument over pipes vs. papers once and for all! PIPES There’s lots of different kinds of pipes and the type of pipe you prefer is unique to each individual.  Water pipes are great for smoking sessions at home.  Hand pipes allow more flexibility of on the go travel.  Don’t forget the one hitter bats that make smoking discreetly easy.  Here's the pros of a pipe...

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