King Palm Natural Palm Leaf Wraps - Product Spotlight

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King Palm Natural Palm Leaf Wraps - Product Spotlight

One of the most talked-about new products in the realm of rolling papers and wraps are the pre-rolled palm leaf wraps from King Palm.  The combination of slow-burning, great taste, and simplicity have led many longtime smokers to make the switch.

With six size options from their ½ gram Rollies up to the behemoth 5-gram XXL, there is a King Palm for every smoker and situation.  Capped with their hand-rolled corn husk filters, the resulting draw is smoother and cleaner than unfiltered alternatives.

What are King Palms made from?

Hand picked from the rainforests near Singapore, King Palm wraps are made from the hardy leaves of the Cordia and Arecaceae families. 

Hand-rolled without glues

In contrast to traditional wraps, if you’re passing the thing around, you can be relieved that nobody else has had to slobber on the thing to roll it.

They come pre-rolled like a cone, so you can stuff them with ground material and tamp it down with the included wooden packing tool.

Are King Palms healthier to smoke?

Made from nothing but water-washed leaves from trees grown without toxic fertilizers, King Palms are tobacco, chemical and preservative-free.

King Palm Reviews - What Smokers Are Saying

Out of all them I can easily say king palm is the best at least in my opinion for a slow burning and cleaner tasting smoke session.”

“Honestly I’m really satisfied with the product, if you pack it pretty tight it burns really well and doesn’t taste bad at all.”

“A great flavor and a good burn! I like the slightly herby smell of the king palm, and the filter is great!”

“I refuse to use anything else. 100% organic. I dont like tobacco taste and this has absolutely none. Filter is made from corn husk. I dont like the bigger sizes because imho, they're too big for a session. Once you use a king palm, you'll never use anything else either.”

“Overall smooth slow burning all natural wrap 10/10”

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