Pipes Vs. Papers

Glass Pipes, Rolling Papers -

Pipes Vs. Papers

How many times have you gathered with friends over some green only to start debating everything in life?  Boxers vs. briefs? Yankees vs. Red Soxs? Batman vs. Superman? The debates are endless. Let’s settle the argument over pipes vs. papers once and for all!


There’s lots of different kinds of pipes and the type of pipe you prefer is unique to each individual.  Water pipes are great for smoking sessions at home.  Hand pipes allow more flexibility of on the go travel.  Don’t forget the one hitter bats that make smoking discreetly easy.  Here's the pros of a pipe over papers:

  1. Pipes use less tobacco for the same effect
  2. Water pipes and bubblers will cool smoke down
  3. Pipes are more time efficient and quicker
  4. Heady style pipes are works of art and each one is unique
  5. Pipes are efficient at filtration of your smoke


Rolling papers today aren’t what your parents are used to; there’s a huge variety of papers.  Flavored rolling papers, organic rolling papers, king sized cones, wired rolling papers, and more.  Let's talk about why they're the best:

  1. Rolling papers are easier to hide
  2. Great for sharing among friends
  3. No inhalation of butane
  4. Glass pipes can break, ripped papers aren't a big deal
  5. Papers or cones are inexpensive

While papers might be easier to hide there is a lot of new glass products out there that are just as discreet in your pocket.  Ceramic one hitter bats are popular and many people carry dugouts, or tobacco cases, that holds one hitter style bat and your tobacco.  We recommend this new Chillum Dugout as a staff favorite.

There’s no doubt that rolling papers are more social.  In a group setting or at a party it’s just more fun to sit down together with the ritual of rolling a joint and passing it around the room.  We recommend Raw’s Organic King Size Cones just for this purpose.

The debate around papers vs. pipes is never ending.  There is no correct answer as it's simply a matter of preference, and you might change your mind over time.  Here’s what we know: both ways of smoking your legal herbs bring friends together.