Rolling Paper 101

Rolling Papers, What is? -

Rolling Paper 101

So as you may know already, there are precisely 1,934,662 different types of rolling papers.  Okay, I just made that number up, but that’s what it feels like. With all those options and such subtle differences, how in the hell is the average citizen supposed to make an educated decision?

Welcome to Rolling Paper 101, let’s split some hairs.

Rolling Paper Sizes
Standard sizes for rolling papers are Single, 1 ¼ , 1 ½, Double and King Size.  These labels refer to the approximate amount of material that fits inside the rolled paper, relative to a Single.  So a 1 ¼ will hold about 25% more, 1 ½ will fit 50% more, and a Double will hold...well, you know, double.

Rolling Paper Types

The next key factor in choosing a quality rolling paper is the material used to make the paper itself.  The most common types of rolling papers are:

  1. Wood Pulp - old-school, easy to roll, slow burning, most ash
  2. Rice - better tasting, environmentally friendly, typically thinner, slow burning
  3. Hemp - better tasting, environmentally friendly, stay lit easily, easy to roll
  4. Cellulose - better tasting, environmentally friendly, transparent, minimal ash

Rolling Paper Brands

  1. Zig Zag: unbleached flax blend or organic hemp
  2. Raw: unbleached blend or organic hemp
  3. Elements: slow-burning rice papers
  4. Randy’s: wired bleached flax/wood pulp and unbleached hemp 
  5. Top: slow-burning wood pulp papers
  6. Juicy Jay’s: flavored hemp papers printed with soy ink

Rolling Paper Features

  • Adhesive gum - enhances stickiness of thicker papers
  • Handling Wire - embedded wire revealed on burning for easy handling
  • Filter tip - filters smoke and prevents accidentally eating your herb (We’ve all done it!)

Rolling Paper Accessories

  • Filters & Tips - adds filtration, class, and gives something to hold onto, so you can get every puff out of your stuff
  • Rolling Trays - stop dropping your stash on the floor and elevate yourself to connoiseur status
  • Grinders - the perfect smoke begins with uniformly ground herb
  • Rolling Machines - automate your roll for perfect precision, every time
  • Airtight Storage Containers - go from dry, tasteless plastic baggy herb to slow-burning, flavorful primo

Resupply your stash of rolling papers here.  Thanks for taking Rolling Paper 101 ;)