5 Criteria to Choose a Local Smoke Shop

5 Criteria to Choose a Local Smoke Shop

Maybe you’ve just moved to the area and you’re new in town.  You are still getting the lay of the land and trying to find the best smoke shop in Louisville, KY (or any town you’re in!).  Let us help you find your smoke shop home.  Here’s what you should be looking for in your hometown smoke shop.

1.  Knowledgeable Staff

This might seem like a no brainer, but I often walk into competitors' stores and find that the staff just doesn’t know what I’m looking for.  Well, that’s not helpful.  At Up-N-Smoke we have prided ourselves in having the most knowledgeable smoke shop staff in Louisville, KY.  

2.  Variety of Products

Today you’re looking for a new banger and a torch for your water pipe.  Tomorrow you might be looking for a Dug Eeze Dugout.  The point is that you need to find a smoke shop that will have everything you need when you need it.  Convenience is key when your bubbler takes a crash and you suddenly find yourself with smoke and no way to smoke it.

 3.  Reasonable Pricing

Glass pipes at smoke shops can be expensive, especially pieces made by local artists.  Find a smoke shop or online smoke shop that will fit your budget.  The knowledgeable staff we talked about will come in handy in these situations as well!  Tell them your budget for a new glass pipe, what you like in a glass pipe, and they can help you find the perfect fit for what you can afford.

4.  Quality Pieces

It’s not just affordability at a smoke shop, but also quality.  There should be a fine balance between the two.  You don’t want to walk into a smoke shop and find goods within your budget just to have them break or be damaged after a week or two.  That’s a stoner’s worst nightmare!  Take a look at the pieces, hold them in your hand, and don’t be afraid to ask questions!  

5.  Personality Fit 

Not all smoke shops fit your vibe.  I’ve walked into a smoke shop that had a great assortment of products from vaporizers, CBD, water pipes and everything in between, but it was so cluttered that I had a hard time focusing my attention in one area.  Talk about anxiety overload!  Bottom line: it just wasn’t my vibe.  I need a smoke shop that is a little less cluttered and has a chill staff.  Bonus points if that staff remembers me when I walk through the door!

At Up-N-Smoke in Louisville, KY we work hard towards fitting these 5 criteria points for smoke shops and can proudly say we are the best smoke shop in Louisville, KY.  Come by the store at any of our 5 retail locations to see for yourself how we set ourselves apart!