5 Different Types of Water Pipes Explained

Since the 1970s, water pipes have been put on the map as one of the favorite devices for enjoying the euphoric feeling of smoking herbs. From Asia to Europe to America, people from all walks of life, teenagers or adults, use this paraphernalia. For this particular blog, you will read detailed information about 5 types of water pipes found in the market today.

Before you immerse yourself in these details, let’s try to understand what a water pipe is first. A water pipe is a water filtration apparatus that is manufactured specifically for herb users. Most people use this for a smoother toke. Meaning, dry heat is eliminated, thanks to the water, making you inhale a creamier and cooler smoke.

This device has evolved in years. It has been around for centuries but since it became popular during the hippie era, the look and material used for making water pipes have changed. This has resulted in different types of water pipe. Let’s take a look at five of these and see which one might best fit your need for your next smoke.

Percolator Water Pipe

This is one of the most famous types. This water pipe has a suspended glass filter, which allows bubbles inside to diffuse evenly. A percolator is capable of producing smaller bubbles, which are great in eliminating carcinogens and toxins out of the smooth smoke being inhaled. Because it has more holes and slits than other types, smoke diffusion is enhanced.

Bubbler Water Pipe

Another favorite among herb enthusiasts is this type. For one, it has a lightweight version that is portable and can easily be transported. The bubbler has a drop-down chamber for water, which is the filtration system of the device. This allows for cooler smoke to be produced. Because it also features a long neck, that ends in a hole for the mouthpiece, when you smoke herb from this apparatus, you are sure to experience an extremely smooth and light pull that makes the after effects memorable and satisfying. A word of caution, though, bubbler water pipe is one type that’s a bit difficult to clean.

Mini Water Pipe

Was the word portable mentioned earlier? Well, this piece of herb-smoking device definitely takes the cake in terms of portability. Mini water pipe, as the word suggests, is small and extremely easy to use. It doesn’t hurt that it also offers a great value for money for those who want to feel euphoria often and at any time or place. This device has a carb system that filters your herb into the ideal consistency. However, this type’s appeal may also be its downfall given the fact that because it’s smaller than other types, water tends to be inhaled along with the smoke. This may be an unpleasant experience for some.

Scientific Water Pipe

Any water pipe type looks scientific. After all, the idea of filtration is taken from the filtration concept in science. With a scientific water pipe, you’re assured of a sleek and sturdy apparatus. Made with borosilicate glass, it has a fancy-looking percolator and ash catchers. Because of the seemingly complex components of the device, you are assured to have smooth drags of smoke, with extra milky hints of flavor to it.

Homemade Water Pipe

This is commonly heard of in the herb-smoking world. Many people these days try to be creative and make their own devices. This is especially true if you’re strapped for cash. A lot of homemade water pipes are made from glass or plastic bottles.

With water pipes, you can experience the same satisfaction as when you smoke a joint. But at the end of the day, the experience is best amplified and maximized with the help of water pipes. Have you found what’s best for you yet?