9 Road Trip Tips for Smokers

9 Road Trip Tips for Smokers

  1. “May the wind always be at your back and the sun upon your face. And may the wings of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars.”

The feeling of freedom is never quite as palpable as when we cut loose for a road trip.  As warmer days approach, I’m starting to get that itch again.

The warmth of the sun on tanned skin, the joy of the breeze from an open window, the infectious energy of the playlist coming through the speakers.  There’s just nothing like it.

But no road trip is complete without herbal inspiration.  For smokers, the ever-changing landscape provides both the exhilaration and the anxiety.

Traveling on the road with your stash requires a little forethought.

Here are our top 9 road trip tips for smokers: 

1.  Know the laws where you are 

There’s nothing worse than finding out under the polarized-lensed gaze of a police officer that the legal smoking herbs in your state are highly illegal herbs in another state.  It’s always best to map out your route and consult Dr. Google about the legal parameters during each leg of your trip so you can pack accordingly.

2.  Store your stash properly 

Along that same vein, properly packing your stash for travel is the first line of defense against any confusion about your compliance with varying state laws.  TightVac offers airtight hard-shelled containers of all sizes that provide both crush protection and odor containment.  And plus, playing with the air pressure created by their vacuum seal will delight your inner kid :D

3.  Pre-roll before you roll out

Like coaches and drill sergeants love to say, “Prior planning prevents piss-poor performance.”  So salute and grab your Six Shooter!  Multiply out the number of days of your trip by your estimated number of pre-rolls per day and start shootin’ Tex!  Stick those suckers inside some J-Tubes and you’re ready to grab and go at will.

4. The nose knows

The louder the pack, the more likely the smell will linger.  Even if you go noseblind to it, smoke has the uncanny ability to embed itself into fingertips, clothes, and upholstery.  If you can’t avoid smoking on the road, it’s a great idea to keep a Smoke Buddy around to filter your exhale before it has the opportunity to sink into your surroundings.

5.  Snacktime strategy

Just as no road trip is complete without the primary stash, the secondary stash is also mission-critical.  Snacks are a must!  Snacks can keep you awake, entertained, and on the road longer between stops.  Go healthy with nuts and trail mix, or let your hair down and help Wonka’s stock price increase. 

6.  Disposables are your friend

Used grinders and pipes are just as smelly as a bag of herb, but require larger (and sometimes oddly shaped) containers to, well, contain them.  Using disposables like a Plastic Grinder or an inexpensive Spark Plug Pipe makes it possible to ride one leg of the trip with unused smoking utensils, and give you the opportunity to chuck the thing at any given moment without regretting it later.

7.  Trays are for trips

At home, there’s always a desk or a coffee table that can provide a rolling surface.  On the road, you may not have that luxury.  That’s why we recommend investing in a Rolling Tray to A) keep from spilling stuff on your seats and floorboards, and B) make it easier to complete the task of rolling while your compadre who isn’t quite Danica Patrick pinballs you down the highway.

8.  Vape > Smoke 

While we may be partial to the ritual and efficacy of smoking, road trips are one of those occasions where vaporization may provide multiple advantages over old-school combustion.  Minimizing lingering smoke odors and eliminating the need to roll up are just a couple of the perks of vaping.  The Vape Ninja Kato & Shadow are two economical options for vaporizing extracts and herbs, respectively.

9.  Sprays for days

And as any veteran roadie knows, odor-eliminating sprays are man’s second-best friend, superseded only by adorable puppydogs.  Just be sure to find a spray that actively eliminates odors instead of simply masking them.  The former is a solution, while the latter only draws attention to the problem.

And if you’re really feeling the spirit of the unknown, you can always cop a Mystery Grab Box and wait to open it up until you reach your destination!