Bangers vs E-Nails

Bangers vs E-Nails

Whether you have experience using concentrates or are just beginning, you have likely discovered that there are various types of nails, or warming gadgets, accessible. Many apparatuses employ a standard glass nail, however, these are not the most commonly chosen style of nail.

There are two primary types of nails that most smokers agree are the preferred option: "e-nails" and "bangers". Each of these nails are also available in a wide range of options, making it potentially overwhelming for newbies to choose which to purchase. To make it somewhat less complex, we've investigated the points of interest in both "bangers" and "e-nails".

Banger Breakdown 

Concentrates have acquired greater fame among smokers because of their more pronounced intensity in contrast with conventional herb. Many glass pipe organizations have taken to experimenting with different ways to amplify the manner in which smokers utilize concentrates. 

Quartz Glass Nail: Early on, the idea among most large glass organizations was to develop a way to give clients a safe, straightforward, effortless way of enjoying wax. Intended to be the cutting edge banger, these little cup-style glass pieces have since been adjusted and improved, with organizations opting to move away from standard glass bangers, and choosing instead to begin making them out of materials that can withstand more mishandling, thus making the nail more durable for prolonged use. These days, most bangers are made out of quartz because of the material's capacity to conduct and retain heat for extended periods of time. This option is the common favorite for its durability, affordability, and heat-conducting qualities.

Deviating from quartz bangers, makers have also begun to assemble ceramic and titanium nails of different sorts. These materials, additionally, will be able to withstand more maltreatment, making them incredible options, however, less popular choices. Ceramic is an inert material that offers excellent flavor and retains heat well, but may crack from extensive use. Similarly, titanium nails offer longer heat retention and durability because of mass and material but are less popular because they tend to oxidize over time.

E-Nail Evaluation 

Where bangers fall flat, the e-nail succeeds. Being snared to the constant and direct source of controlled heat from the e-nail gives the capacity to manage and monitor temperature for the amount of time that is required. 

E-nails are one of the latest items available, still attempting to acquire footing as of late because of the push for legitimization. Heat maintenance has consistently been a heavily debated issue with concentrate clients. When clients need to continuously torch their bangers to keep the necessary temperature, it's not only redundant and annoying but a higher risk of potentially burning yourself on the hot glass. E-nails give the ideal heat at the precise location desired at the twist of a dial or push of a button. 

Should You Select a Banger or an E-Nail

The final word? Whether you're a novice or a veteran, deciding between a conventional banger nail or e-nail is all about preference. The choice truly reduces to what you are hoping to gather from your concentrate experience. In the event that you wouldn't fret being fastened to an outlet, you need something straightforward and effective, and you wouldn't mind investing a larger chunk of change, an electronic nail would work extraordinarily. Then again, if you would prefer a bit more freedom, and don't mind carrying around a torch, a simple banger will suit your needs just fine. The decision between the two items is purely emotional and differs by lifestyle and necessity, so check them both out and see which gives you the most preferred outcome!

A feature of strength in the electric nail also doubles as a feature of defeat; being secured to a power plug restricts the convenience of e-nails, so it's more of a stationary accessory instead of a portable, on-the-go option.