Best Stoner Christmas Movies

Best Stoner Christmas Movies

Getting high with some of Hollywood's best creations is something that stoners do regularly, however, during this holiday season there's an alternate vibe we hold close to our hearts and that's the Christmas spirit. Occasion films are best presented with a side of milk, treats, and Mary Jane, with perfectly lit trees shown on your TV, or better, filling your lungs, it's impossible to stray from creeping around in nostalgia of the past, or wonders of the present or future.


It’s a Wonderful Life

A stoner Holiday must-see. Bringing in an overall meaning of exemplary, without a doubt, this film also has all of the vintage feels for an "oldie but goodie" sprinkled with a little shoptalk from a "less difficult time". Recounting the tale of persistence through affliction, add a Christmas time moment 10x cozier than the sweater Granny knitted for you, and you have a formula for Holiday cheer!


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

It's obviously true that occasionally, what a high calls for is childrens' cinematics and we get the tingle for beautifully animated characters and universes to induce the sort of chuckling-induced dopamine from your childhood. Feel your heart grow three sizes while watching The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and breathing in the best smoke this side of the North Pole! It's difficult to deny the cherished and captivating nature that encompasses all of Whoville, and one little girl's journey to spread a message that the best gift of Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear... (We don't recommend this.)


A Christmas Carol

With countless winning components, this title stands to be one of- if not THE best Christmas stories; and to also be reflected by a particularly frightful topic during a rather magical holiday, is the thing that makes this one of the more novel suggestions on the rundown. No one could loathe Christmas (and everything chipper) more than Scrooge, so it bodes well that it would take otherworldly powers to influence him otherwise. Grab a seat, load up a bowl, and share a moment of learning heart-warming life lessons with your tribe of buds... Not a "bah-humbug" to be heard!


A Charlie Brown Christmas

The Peanuts have never neglected to convey a beautiful holiday message and this Christmas film is no exception. The expression "Charlie Brown Christmas Tree" has turned into an expression authored explicitly for any forlorn, yet endearing, wrapped desperately with a bow, "tree that will never be" and we owe that and more to these carefree characters. These children have more spirit and smarts than Calliou could ever attempt to dream of and when matched with an incredible soundtrack, they're sure to encourage everyone, young and old, into the same noteworthy atmosphere of positive, warm vibes.


Home Alone 

The title of this cherished occasion film creates the ideal "open door" for you to get lifted. Despite the fact that Kevin's family might have had, to some unnamed degree, problematic neglectful tendencies, the unadulterated satisfaction and Christmas delight portrayed in Home Alone are extremely difficult to replicate. Forever a Christmas fave, because seeing a small child set up booby traps with the same level of accuracy as a Green Beret merits the watch all in itself!


Bad Santa

If there's one lesson to be learned from Bad Santa it's that the holidays aren't the most wonderful time of the year for everyone... The film stars Billy Bob Thornton as the protagonistic, functioning alcoholic and misanthrope who works as a mall Santa in order to rob department stores on Christmas Eve. The Santa we see here is unpleasant around the edges, without a doubt, yet shows us that Christmas miracles can come in all structures, shapes, and sizes. Pack the bowl to the edge, light up the dankest trees you can get your gloved paws on, and unwind. The utter chaos of Christmas ratchetness- blended in with endearing relatable moments for all of us weirdos- is the sort of gift we, as a whole, need but will not be served wrapped under the tree.


Polar Express 


Just when you've decided that a colder time of year in your Christmas Wonderland couldn't exist, the Polar Express pulls right into the station with a mission to prove you wrong while simultaneously winning your love. A film that is significantly more charming when you're curled up in your best loungewear and slipper socks with marshmallows from your hot cocoa dancing against your lips with every sip, forget the couch just this once and hitch a ride to the North Pole on the Polar Express!

No matter what you choose to feast your eyes on this Christmas season, pair it with vibrant, silly trees crystallized in snow of their own! A true Christmas miracle.


Merry Christmas, stoners!