Dugouts & One Hitters: The All In One Dugout Guide

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Dugouts & One Hitters: The All In One Dugout Guide

No hippie’s collection is complete without a high-quality dugout and a one hitter pipe.  Ready-to-use convenient storage, supreme portability, and all-day capacity make dugouts a timeless personal smoking solution.  

So is a dugout just a dugout, or are there some finer points we should consider when looking to buy a dugout and one hitter combo?

What makes a dugout, a dugout?

Urban Dictionary defines a dugout as, “A small box for holding a one-hitter pipe and a rather small amount of ground herb, in separate compartments. Dugouts allow one to pack the bowl of the one-hitter by burrowing its tip in the herb compartment. The compartment for the pipe is usually spring-loaded for easy removal, and sometimes comes with a magnetic sliding or rotating cover.”

So the defining characteristics of dugouts are:

  1. A small box with at least two compartments, one for pre-ground herb and one for a one-hitter bat
  2. A sliding or rotating cover to retain the herbs and one hitter

Simple enough, right?  So what makes one dugout more desirable than another?

Features of the Modern Dugout

  • Materials: Wooden dugouts are typical, but some are also made from acrylic, plastic, metals (aluminum, titanium), or katoya (the same stuff bowling balls are made from)
  • Manufacturing: We have a preference for hand carved, American made dugouts like the Dug Eeze brand, but many are mass-produced overseas
  • Cover Design: Twisting or sliding covers may be secured with magnetic or spring fasteners, or with craftsman precision that eliminates the need for either
  • Poker Tool: Many high end dugouts will come with a tool for clearing out your one-hitter after use (Sooo helpful)
  • Waterproof: For those real-deal, Navy SEAL smokers
  • Smell proof: Designed to keep your stash a secret

That covers the dugout itself, but what about the one-hitter?  That’s where the magic happens after all, right?

The One Hitter Taster Pipe - Types & Features

  • Standard Metal Bat - straightforward, basically unbreakable smoking tube
  • Glass Chillum - purest taste, easy to clean, easiest to break
  • Spring-loaded - self-emptying design eliminates the need for poker tool
  • Combination - wooden bat insulates and protects, with glass or metal tip

A high-quality dugout kit will last a long time, many years.  As with many things, the devil is in the details.  Think about the situations you’ll likely want to use your one hitter dugout combo as your go-to smoking solution, and consider the advantages that certain features will provide.

Shop our full selection of dugouts and one hitters here.  If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call your nearest Up-N-Smoke location!