Dugouts - what are they, how do they work?

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Dugouts - what are they, how do they work?

Portable and easy to carry in your pocket or purse (hello, ladies!), dugouts are one of the best tools to have as a smoker.  Dugouts, sometimes called Taster Boxes, are perfect for any smoker. Usually constructed of wood, a dugout has two main compartments.  A larger compartment holds your tobacco and a smaller compartment that holds a metal taster bat.

Dugouts have been around for decades, and there’s a reason.  Not only are they convenient, they also help you get the most out of your smoke.  Finely grind your tobacco with an herb grinder and pack it into the large compartment of the dugout.  When you’re ready for a hit, take the metal cigarette style bat out and grind the tip into the herb.  Less tobacco used with the same effect means you’ve conserved your product.

Dugouts are discreet!  Pack the metal smoking bat and simply light up!  A few quick hits and you’re done. You can get them made out of a variety of materials.  Wooden dugouts are the most popular kind. Our laser engraved dugouts have your favorite characters or logos on them.  We also have a line of acrylic dugouts with the clear dugout being one of the most popular!  We even have dugouts made out of sturdy bowling ball material.

The dugout is a staple for any smoker, and they’ll always be available in our online smoke shop.  Local to the area? Stop into one of our five retail locations in Louisville, KY to say hi and check out the selection in person.