Gas Masks: Pros & Cons

Gas Masks: Pros & Cons

Gas mask bongs are simple smoking tools that you strap onto your head to form an air-tight seal and essentially create a personal "hotboxing" sesh. They’re primarily gas masks with adjustable straps and transparent eye lenses with an added detachable mouthpiece for a more convenient prep time.

Popular Opinions and Tips:

Novelty Collector's Item

Most smokers agree that the gas mask bong makes for an awesome novelty item. If you love collecting smoking paraphernalia, this is a classic piece you'll want in your collection, if for no other reason than to display it for willing participants. Call it cool, unusual, or even a little strange; the gas mask is a one-of-a-kind smoking piece.

Badass or Hard Pass?

If you invite friends over to smoke and chill, the gas mask could make for a great conversation piece, in addition to being a weird "toy" to play with, it's at least a neat experience to offer your guests.. Depending on who you ask, it's often described as more "gimmicky" than truly functional or practical and not worth the hype since it's way more work for no additional benefits. If your mouthpiece attachment is on the shorter side, you may have a harder time even seeing beyond the mask and executing a proper hit.. (Unless you have a friend or full-length mirror around to assist.)

Hit It & Quit It

Unlike other smoking materials, like papers or pipes, this type of bong isn't suitable for a prolonged smoking session. It's more useful for a quick tester or ice-breaker to get the party started before switching to a more practical piece.

Smokey Eye

We're not talking about a Bailey Sarian tutorial. While the smoke you’ll be inhaling from your piece will undoubtedly get you high, it’s an entirely different story once you actually exhale. All the smoke that’s been circulated out through your lungs is going to leave in the form of CO2, which will likely irritate the hell out of your eyes.

Use It or Lose It

The good thing about the gas mask, though, is that you can detach the mouthpiece from the mask and use it as a regular bong. (Think of the mask piece as a dry herb accessory.) So, if it turns out to be outside your comfort zone, (or you just absolutely hate it), it won’t be completely useless or a waste of money.

All in all, there are no real benefits to owning a gas mask pipe. It's simply something to experience when you're down to try something new.


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