History of Water Pipes

History of Water Pipes

For centuries people have used water pipes to smoke one substance or another. But what do you actually know about them? The history behind them is surprisingly interesting!

A Brief History

In 1944, was the first recorded use of a water pipe, it was used to smoke hemp. The word “bong” is believed to be derived from the Thai word “baung”. Referring to an object used for smoking. Water pipes were often crafted from bamboo with intricate designs carved or painted on and eventually introducing the use of precious stones and metals. 

When tobacco was introduced in China during the 16th century water pipes were the main mode of smoking. Commoners became the main users of water pipes. There were two main types: bamboo and metal. The metal pipes were made of bronze or brass and commonly decorated with jewels. The Empress Dowager Cixi of the Late Qing Dynasty was buried with at least three. 

Glass water pipes are often credited to The Grateful Dead fans who sold their crafts in the venue parking lots before the concert would start. All glass pipes were handmade with intricate designs made with care. Eventually events specifically for glass art started popping up. Growing into what it is today, a multi-million-dollar business. 

Beneficial Facts

We have all heard the argument between using cold or warm water in our water pipes. But does it actually make a difference? Yes, yes it does. 

Water pipes naturally cool down the smoke, making it easier to inhale. In simpler terms, less likelihood of a coughing fit – something we can all appreciate. Rule of thumb: the colder the water the cooler the smoke. Now you might be asking what about warm water?? Using warm water will still keep the smoke cooler then the bowl. But the cooler the water the easier it is to inhale. 

One of the most beneficial facts about water pipes is they naturally filter out toxins with preserving the flavor and potency of the product you’re smoking. Studies have shown smoke being filtered through the water has less impact on the immune system versus unfiltered smoke. 

Water pipes are more user friendly compared to other smoking options. No papers, tubing, or batteries are required. There are many options to what you smoke out of them as well. They are also easy to assemble and use. With a wide array of colors, weight, styles, and shapes. 

There are many options on styles and materials for your water pipe. As well as what you chose to smoke. Hopefully you found the history and benefits as interesting as we did!