How much water does my pipe need?

How much water does my pipe need?

It's the age old question.  You have a new water pipe, and you want to filter your smoke in the best possible way for better tokes, but you're not entirely sure how much water is perfect.  Maybe you're a novice smoker or you could just use a refresher.  Realistically, all pipes hold a different amount, but let's go over some of the basics.

Why does it matter?

The water level in your water pipe does affect your smoking experience. The perfect water level will allow you to have a cool and filtered hit. If the water is too high you have a harder time drawing a hit and you run the risk of getting water in your mouth. Not enough water and your hits will be hotter and less filtered. 

Straight Water Pipes

Rule of thumb is to have enough water to cover about half an inch of the down stem. If your down stem has slits make sure they're submerged. You can add more but be sure to not overfill your water pipe or you run the risk of inhaling the water. 

Percolator Water Pipes

Since there are different sizes and numbers of chambers the rule of thumb for perc pipes is similar. Make sure all your chambers have just enough water to cover all the slits. If your pipe has a matrix or inline perc they should still be underwater. 

How to fill your pipe with water

You can pour the water through the mouthpiece until you reach your desired level. You can also pour straight down the down stem of your pipe. 

If your pipe has multiple percolators you can pour water from the mouthpiece and the water will make its way down. If not you can tilt your pipe to ensure each percolator gets filled to the desired amount. 

Did you say ICE??!

You can fill your water pipe with ice and let it melt during your smoke session. The tricky thing about doing this is you have to keep an eye on your water levels. Too much water as you know is troublesome and too little can make your drag harder on your lungs. 

Warm water or cold?

There's not really a right or wrong answer here - it just comes down to preference.  Warm water will replace moisture in your smoke making a smoother hit against your lungs.  Cold water will cool the smoke for you as you're taking a hit so that it comes to you instantly cooler.


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