How to... Clean an Herb Grinder

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How to... Clean an Herb Grinder

Washing your herb grinder is equally as important as cleaning your pipe.  Often forgotten as an item that needs cleaning, the herb grinder needs to have a deep cleaning from time to time.  I mean, look at it.  It’s been fingered to death, bruh. 

If your herb grinder isn't smoothly breaking nugs up and your screens are clogged, it’s definitely time to clean it. Essential to any smoking sesh, herb grinders will give you an even and consistent burn of your herb. So let’s chat about how to clean that sucker and give it new life!  

You'll need: 

  1. A dirty ass and well loved herb grinder
  2. Soft bristle brush
  3. Stiff bristle brush
  4. Rubbing alcohol
  5. Plastic bag

Step 1: Take apart your herb grinder

Most herb grinders come in two, three, or four parts.  Unscrew it, gently knocking or tapping off any debri that can easily be removed.  The “leftovers” can easily be reused (and god forbid you throw away that keif!).  Push the excess herbs into a handy storage container.

Step 2: Throw it in the freezer

Yeah, you read that correctly, put your herb grinder in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. This will help break up any remaining residue and allow you to get any remaining herb. Any waxy residue that may be crusted on will freeze making your life so much easier when it comes to cleaning this sucker.

Step 3: Use a soft bristle brush

After taking your grinder out of the freezer, use a soft bristled brush to remove any remaining herb from your screen, edges of your container, grinding teeth, including the lid. Scraping it into your storage container for later use. We recommend using something like a makeup brush for this step.  Just make sure it’s clean and (maybe most importantly) that your girlfriend approved its use.

Step 4: Alcohol soak

After getting all the remaining herb out of your grinder, place your grinder in a plastic bag that can be tightly sealed. Pour rubbing alcohol into the bag, ensuring to completely cover the herb grinder. Set a timer and soak for a minimum of 20 minutes.  Remove and rinse.

Step 5: Use a hard bristle brush

This is why it’s so handy to keep extra toothbrushes on hand.  Find a clean toothbrush and get to scrubbing.  Pay special attention to the gunked up areas

Step 7: Hot water rinse

Rinse your grinder in hot water ensuring the alcohol and herb residue are completely gone. Using the sprayer on your kitchen sink can help power off anything that may still be stuck.  Towel dry.


Ensuring your herb grinder is working smoothly will not only keep it around longer, but it will make your smoking sessions go smoother too.  Another option would be using a ceramic herb grinder.  The ceramic surface is naturally resistant to sticky buds and can make cleaning an herb grinder as easy as giving it a quick wipe down.