How To Keep From Breaking Your Water Pipe????

How To Keep From Breaking Your Water Pipe????

How To Keep From Breaking Your Water Pipe:

There is no doubt that we, as a collective, love our glass pieces. They're intriguing to gather, enjoyable to see, amusing to flaunt to companions, and obviously satisfying to smoke from. Once in a while, misfortune strikes and the unthinkable happens: your water pipe breaks. There are not many things more pulverizing to a cannabis connoisseur's soul than the crash or crunch of a treasured piece. So how would you keep this from occurring? I firmly suggest that you attempt a portion of these (essentially) secure tips.

Get a Case for your Pipe 

To keep your babies from breaking, you may want to invest in some sort of case or lockbox for the pieces that are somewhat more precious to you. For pipes, you truly can't go wrong with a cushioned case that is designed explicitly for storing glass. For water pipes, a cushioned hardshell case is consistently a champ. If that option isn't readily accessible, you can always use a couple of socks! Now you'll have a purpose for each one of those maverick socks in your sock drawer!

Always Remove your Downstem/Bowl

A typical mix-up among fledglings is forgetting to clean out their pipe's downstem and bowl after the smoking meeting is finished. You see this a bit more with veteran smokers, who are not used to glass on glass, and may be better accustomed to acrylic. Glass on glass is certainly the best approach, yet in the event that you set your pipe aside and it gets jarred around, it's going to smack together, and it's likely to break. Clean the resin and leftover materials from the downstem and bowl frequently and when you store your glass pieces, wrap them up independently! You'll damage significantly fewer down stems and bowls by practicing this step alone.

Put Your Pipe Away

Aside from taking care of the downstem and bowl, you should also take care of the line in your piece after you're finished utilizing it. I'm not saying that it's necessary to clean and dismantle it after each session, but maybe towards the day's end. Maybe opt-out of storing your costly water pipes around your work area, footstool, or wherever mishaps are likely to occur. Proceed with extra caution if you're generally a klutz! (Speaking more to myself in this case.)

Clean Your Pipe Often

Stand by, what does keeping your line clean have to do with keeping your pipe from breaking? A considerable amount, really! In the event that you don't practice the general cleanliness of your piece, you should try to maintain at LEAST a basic cleaning schedule on your glass. Not only is it harder on your throat and lungs, but the more buildup that you allow to accumulate, the harsher you'll have to be on the glass when you do get around to cleaning it. This could also prompt mishaps, particularly in cases where percs are involved. Clean your line out regularly!