Mister Eeze - Best Glass Cleaner of 2021

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Mister Eeze - Best Glass Cleaner of 2021

There is a new cleaning product on the market, Mister Eeze. As the name suggests, it is the easiest pipe cleaner on the market. We had some trusted smokers to test this cleaner on their pipes. 

What makes Mister Eeze different?

Mister Eeze contains no salt or solids. It is a full liquid cleaner with no waste. The liquid cleaner is combined with a liquid scrubbing agent. The scrubbing agent is activated by friction. The more friction the cleaner your pipe will get.


Look at these before and after images! 

Mister Eeze dry herb bowl before and after - how to clean glassMister Eeze cleaner - downstem before and after cleaning

What's the cost?

If Mister Eeze is so great it’s probably not affordable. FALSE. It’s inexpensive $9.99. Mister Eeze is a full 16 ounce cleaner. It has 4 more ounces than Randy's and original Formula 420. So you’re also getting more bang for your buck!

Mister Eeze also has a line of pipe cleaners you can purchase. You can find the full line here.


  1. Put water and Mister Eeze in your pipe.
  2. Let your dirty pipe soak for about two minutes.
  3. Give it a shake for about five minutes ensuring that the cleaner makes its way through all the areas within your pipe.
  4. Boom, clean pipe. 
  5. Make sure after use or skin contact. Wash skin and pipe really well with warm water and soap.

Mister Eeze Test - time stamp before cleaning glass           Mister Eeze after cleaning time stamp. Mister Eeze directions


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 Edited 7/14/21 This review shows the power of the Mister Eeze brushes!