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Online Smoke Shop Dictionary

Ever find yourself wondering what that word meant, the one your ultra hip friend mentioned the other day while visiting the smoke shop? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find a list of common words used in the smoke shop industry and their definitions. 

Adapter: a glass piece used to change the size, angle, or sex of your water pipe so that different nails, bowls, and ashcatchers may fit

Ashcatcher: attachment that stops ash from entering your water pipe

Beaker: type of water pipe which is shaped like a scientific beaker

Bowl: area on your pipe where dry herbs are placed to be smoked

Bubbler: a hand pipe that uses a small amount of water for smoke filtration

Carb cap: a dabbing accessory used to regulate airflow into your pipe; helps evenly burn your concentrates

Chillum: a straight glass tube that offers a similar experience to smoking herbs rolled in paper

Dugout: an all-in-one smoking apparatus with two chambers - one for storing dry herbs, the other for a bat/one-hitter

Fumed Glass: when silver or gold are vaporized and encased in glass, creating a colorful effect that changes colors after use

Grinder: device used for crushing and grinding dry herbs prior to smoking

Hand Pipe: a small pipe that does not use water filtration

Heady Glass: high quality glass pipes created incorporating glass art techniques

Ice Catcher: a feature on some water pipes that holds ice in the chamber to cool down your hit

Nail: the platform which you heat prior to placing your concentrates

Percolator: the filtration part of a water pipe that makes the water bubble

Recycler: a type of glass water pipe that recycles the water continuously through the pipes’ chambers

Straight Tube: a water pipe consisting of a straight tube, downstem, and bowl

Sherlock: a long, old fashioned hand pipe

Water Pipe: a pipe that features a percolator and uses water for filtration

We hope this list gives you some clarity and helps you browse our online smoke shop with more confidence!