Parts of a Water Pipe

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Parts of a Water Pipe

Today we’re going to break down the basics of a straight tube water pipe - nothing fancy, just pure functionality. 

Here are a few basic parts of a simple water pipe.

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Mouthpiece: this is where you place your mouth and where the smoke is inhaled

Chamber: this is the tube in which the smoke travels to the mouthpiece, after your dry herbs are combusted

Bowl: this is where your dry herbs are placed before being lit and combusted

Ice Catcher: this part catches and holds ice in the chamber.  Its whole purpose is to cool your smoke down before you take a hit.

Downstem: this piece allows smoke to travel from the bowl and through the chamber before being inhaled

Base: this is the bottom of the pipe which helps it stand upright without assistance 

And there you have it, the parts of a basic, straight tube water pipe! We hope this clears up any confusion you may have had about all the features of your own water pipe.