Silicone vs. Glass Pipe

Silicone vs. Glass Pipe

As many things in life there’s pros and cons to every option - even water pipes. So what are the major differences or benefits of a silicone or glass pipe? Quality, durability, and cleaning. The preference is usually up to the person. 


You can purchase variations of glass thickness. You can also purchase different qualities of silicone. Some silicones are said to be better than others. People claim silicone pipes deteriorate with age and usage of the pipe, but this is less likely if you have glass parts to your silicone pipe, and many do. 


You might prefer the look of a glass pipe over silicone but let's weigh the pros and cons. Silicone is easier and safer to travel with. Even if you buy a thick glass pipe there's still the possibility of damage. So, if you’ve been through a few glass pipes you might consider switching to a silicone pipe. 


Silicone is notoriously harder to clean since it is more vulnerable to abrasive cleaners than glass. Considering the maintenance and cost is another factor in deciding which type of pipe you’re looking to purchase. 

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