Smokes Screens - Don't Choke On Your Smoke

Smokes Screens - Don't Choke On Your Smoke

Sometimes the old school way of doing things can be fun and adventurous, but let’s go ahead and step into 2020 (even if sometimes this year it feels like we are literally stepping into dog shit, but I digress).  Imagine it.  You’re with friends passing a bowl around or maybe you’ve used Raw rolling papers or even Juicy Jay’s to make the best joint ever.  You take a hit, and what happens?  Well, normally nothing.. you just take the hit and pass it on, but occasionally it’s what happened to me the other day.

I’m at a friends house chilling (no, not “Netflix and chill” - just chilling, okay?!).  We are passing around a bowl.  Glass hand pipes are my favorite to smoke from.  So I take a hit, and I mean a big hit.  As I’m breathing in the magic smokey goodness it hits me.  Literally.  A flaming piece of bud goes flying into my mouth and I start to choke.  It’s the worst.  How can I keep my smoke from reaching my mouth?

Enter smoke screens!  Tiny little life savers.  Let’s go over the different kinds.

Glass Screens

These badass little dudes may be small but they have a big big job.  Usually found as daisy smoke screens, jack smoke screens, or tiny little star smoke screens.  Daisy, jack, and star refer to the shape of the screen.  All work great to move the smoke around the tiny crevices they create to give you a particle free smoke.  These are used primarily with water pipes or spoon bowls (glass hand pipes).

Pros:  Reusable

Cons:  Cost

Silver or Brass Screens

You’re probably more familiar with silver or brass screens and you may use them often.  Seems like all smoke shops and all online smoke shops carry these.  They are great with metal pipes, but I don’t often see people using them in glass hand pipes (you can!).

Pros:  Cheap, disposable

Cons:  Taste, chemical inhalation

Honeycomb Screens

Super similar to the good old glass screens are the glass honeycomb screens.  These look exactly like the honeycomb discs that you can find in many styles of water pipes, and work the same.  Smoke enters through the tiny holes preventing anything from falling through.

Pros:  Reusable

Cons:  Cost

Glass Filter Tips

I will never forget the first time I used a glass filter tip in a joint.  I was with a friend and he passed it to me.  I literally had no idea it was there until I put my lips to it.  You know how often times joints get soggy from spit?  Well, this one was DRY!  Plus, a built in filter.  No particles getting in my mouth!

Pros: Reusable, cheap, easy to clean

Cons: Sometimes gets forgotten and thrown away

Rolling Paper Tips

Most online smoke shops offer rolling papers that have tips included, and they are well worth the investment.  These paper alternatives are great for on the go convenience.  Simply roll it up and put it at the end of your joint and voila!

Pros:  Cheap, readily available everywhere

Cons: Can get soggy

Why not up your game for your next smoking session?  Up-N-Smoke online has brass screens and silver screens available online and in our stores.  We also carry a supply of daisy glass screens and honeycomb screens!  Save a friend and don’t choke on your smoke!